Goyo Dominguez


“Goyo is one of those very few, enviable characters who very early in life realize that haste and noise are the principal enemies of happiness. He soon chose, both in his life and in his art, the road of wisdom; taking him far away from sterile competition and useless ambition, from false gods and passing glory. This is the way he found the peace and quiet that stimulate his soul.”
– Javier Gonzalez de Vega y San Ramon

It is from within this state of peace that Goyo Dominguez composes his festive, alluring paintings, using his brilliant draftsmanship from several years in art school, his distinct mixture of dulled and bright colors, and his fascinating juxtaposition of detailed countenances and blurred backgrounds to transcend reality entirely. Goyo’s faith in and dependence on his paintings is clearly evident: he speaks through his subjects, and pleadingly gazes back at the viewer through his figures’ eyes.

In these figures, we see remnants of a myriad of masters – from Fra Angelico to Picasso – but translated into a new, deeply spiritual language in which we see the influence of Goyo’s past religious calling. The painter does not use text or graphic symbols, but chooses instead to express himself through the ambiguous gazes and moods of his figures, surrounded by a silent music and mysterious masks. In a sense, Goyo captures the quiet moments of a carnival, wherein the revelers pause to gather their thoughts, daydream of their purpose and future, and then plunge again into the hasty reality around them.

Goyo’s work is continuously exhibited and collected around the world.


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