Jo Fairbrother


From an early age, Jo had a pen or pencil in her hand and soon learned she had the ability to make marks that appealed not only to her but to others as well. She had a strong will that opposed any attempt to formulate or contain her art and so a tension with the accepted route forward was always evident. Jo made a decision to follow her dream by forsaking a place at art college to enter the world of work. She had the confidence to believe she could use the artistic talent that she had to make a living. At the age of seventeen, Jo launched herself on the Internet producing commissioned caricatures and drawings and producing murals in people’s homes.

Jo had set out on her journey determined to succeed and when she came up against natural commercial barriers she shifted direction and emphasis to overcome them. Part of this realignment was a move to grab a larger more commercial market and so Jo used her natural flair to photograph iconic cityscapes and locations and to represent them in acrylics. Jo's work is quirky and has the careless abandonment of someone truly at ease with her ability to communicate what she is seeing. Her compositions at first seem to be at odds with accepted protocols but soon reassure you that the statement she makes has much virtue, a true mix of art and commercial viability that will lend itself to many opportunities across licensing applications.

“A sassy and compelling take on life and the cityscapes we populate.”


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