Michael Faragher


Growing up in a military family, Michael Faragher traveled extensively throughout his childhood. America, Canada, France, Spain, and Germany were all his country of residence at one time or another. He was originally influenced by the art of Mapplethorpe, O’Keefe, and Weston and still views these artists as having a strong impact on his work.

Michael’s specialty is floral photography. “Given the opportunity to examine a flower at length, something truly unique comes to light. For once the eye moves beyond the veneer of colors, an interplay of shape, form and texture begins to unfolds and an extraordinary world of fragile grace and beauty appears before you.”

Michael’s work stands out because of its simple sophistication. Each flower, each petal is uniquely captured by his lens. “By favoring simpler composition, I feel I can better focus the viewer and draw them not just to the subject, but, in a manner of speaking, into the flower itself. I photography exclusively in black and white so as to better allow each viewer to instill their individual feelings into the image and imbue it with those ‘emotional colors’ which are unique to them.”


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