Marc Johnson


Marc Johnson was raised in the bustling atmosphere of the artistic SOHO Community in New York. Throughout his early childhood and even today, his parents, who are both artists, influenced him greatly. Living his childhood years in an environment full of art and culture, Marc believed everyone learned about art and the principles of painting and drawing while growing up. The idea of any other style of living was unthinkable.

Starting at a young age, Marc was fortunate to travel to many countries in different parts of the world. The museums and art galleries, which he visited and explored as a child in New York and the other far away places he visited, were to be his true training ground. He realized that art was not only fun, but also an important and integral part of life and culture.

Upon graduating from New York’s prestigious High School of Music and Art, Marc felt the need to explore different avenues of thought, expression and life styles. After studying Marine Biology and living in the Caribbean for many years, Marc discovered his true calling and returned to his first love, art.

Today, Marc creates images using mixed mediums and texture, gathering inspiration from his background and life experiences.


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