Isabel Lawrence


“The scars of time upon our landscape are its memories revealing its history to those who choose to see.” Isabel Lawrence explores the images that are composed by these markings. Nature displayed en masse and the endless recurring patterns that appear when one searches amongst these multiples. Isabel Lawrence says, “I relay this back to the human culture, and its position in time.”

The honesty within the imagery of ancient art forms and the delicate structural lines of Japanese design and geometry also inspire Lawrence’s work. “They deliver an open ended continuous use of motif, which I identify with plentiful abundance and continuing momentum,” says Lawrence.

“The similarity of these motivations, that cause me to paint as I do, is the free abstraction that results from a random, irregular application of either color or shape. I am driven to translate the resulting mindscape onto canvas in a minimalist style to maintain the purity that nature offers. I enjoy the knowledge that the piece may be reinterpreted by ones individual history and/or mental landscape.”


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