Heather McAlpine


Heather McAlpine was born in Scotland and moved to England for her schooling. She graduated with honors from the University of East London with a BA in Fine Arts and received her Masters in Painting at the London Royal College of Art in 1995. Her earliest art influences can be traced back to books about classical form from her youth, and a range of diverse works of various contemporary American abstract expressionists. Heather focuses on exploring the process of painting through her use of atmospheric colors and painterly marks which serve as metaphors for energy, movement and growth. Heather’s work has been shown in various galleries and exhibitions throughout the world.

“Color and the process of painting are the two fundamental aspects of my work, color is intuitive and celebratory, the process of painting involves starting with a saturated colored ground creating atmosphere, marks and shapes appearing and disappearing, building up layer by layer and sometimes changing dramatically until the canvas has a history, over time the painting starts to come to life. I usually focus on one aspect of nature or organic process for example root-like filaments explore an aerial space, lozenge shapes may suggest cell division or seeds floating and drifting or I may have contrasting ethereal space with more definite lines.”


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