Vicki McMurry


As most artists, Vicki’s work portrays a lifetime of experiences. She grew up in West Texas where she could see the clouds roll in long before they were overhead. The flatness of the land allowed her to see great distances and feel the openness of vast space. She encompasses this sense of distance and space to give the viewer more depth into the painting and a strong sense of freedom.

The mood of each painting is determined by Vicki’s mood at the time as well as the subject of the painting. Her surroundings become the driving force of her art spirit. She strives for color relationships and harmony, which she hopes will make the viewer feel that all is right with the universe.

Years of classical violin training play a major role in Vicki’s brushwork. She likes music that takes her on a ride from fast and furious to slow and mellow, from happy to sad, and leaves her feeling invigorated in the end. She uses short and long, up and down, wavy and straight, and thin and fat strokes. The variety in her brushwork adds excitement to her work. Vicki wants the viewers of her work to feel the same sense of vast spaces that are fresh and experimental with a strong foundation. Ultimately, she wants to take them on the glorious ride of life itself. Mentally, she works through the complexities of life hoping to find the simplicities at the end.


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