Kiku Poch


Kiku Poch was born in Barcelona on September 18th, 1963 as the son of two painters; Poch Romeu, a landscape artist of international fame, and still life artist, Josefina Ripoll.

With two artists for parents, Kiku Poch grew up surrounded by art. His own interest in fine art was manifested at a very early age, when he would draw with colored pencils, wax and crayons. At age 16, Kiku’s father (who before becoming a painter was a publicist), taught him the trade of graphic artist and instilled in him the knowledge of drawing, perspective, color, airbrush, watercolor, etc.

Later on, Kiku formed part of a team of artists at a prestigious advertising agency in Barcelona, where for a period of eight years, he worked as a graphic designer. Thanks to his creativity and skilled technique, his work was highly regarded in the advertising sector.

In 1993, when the agency where Kiku worked closed due to a general crisis of the times, K. Poch began painting with oils, which are according to him, the most “noble” medium of painting. Until this time, Kiku had never dared to work with oils, but now he had the time needed to experiment, and experiment he did.

Kiku sold the third painting that he ever did and thus began his career, and with much thanks to Barcelona art dealer J. Balari who believed in Kiku from the beginning.

Kiku considers himself to be a self-taught painter, although surely having been raised in a family of painters had its influence, as a young Kiku unconsciously began his art education as he watched his father paint.

In the paintings of Kiku Poch, an admirer of the Catalán landscape artists from the beginning of the century as well as the great impressionists, one can appreciate a purity to his technique. For him, all of the elements of a picture: drawing, composition, texture, color, and light are equally important.

Currently Kiku alternates his work between Mallorca, Menorca and the Costa Brava, but always remains near his great passion, the sea.


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