Doug Rappel


Douglas Rappel was born in New Jersey in 1958. His first appreciation to the Arts began with a fondness of mid-century artists such as Motherwell, Calder, and Rothko. He attended DuCret School of Fine Art in New Jersey and began his art career producing mostly contemporary design on paper using the intaglio printmaking technique. To this day he continues his education and appreciation of all aspects of fine art by working in a Bucks County, Pennsylvania artist’s community of painters and sculptors.

His currents works, paintings on steel, are the result of many years of etching and painting on the traditional mediums of paper and canvas. These pieces, created by forming steel into blocks and other shapes, are embellished with pigment colored protein based paints and then etched and coated multiple times to achieve the final result.

His vision for this current body of work is to create pieces that give the viewer a sense of movement and changing pattern when viewed from various perspectives. His appreciation of mid-Century art design inspires him to create works with a strong sense of space, form and texture.


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