“Not Forgotten” – To Honour & Bring Awareness

CAP & Winn Devon And Maxine Noel Supporting Sisters In Spirit

CAP & Winn Devon Art Group Inc. joins Manitoba-born artist Maxine Noel in her support of Sisters In Spirit, an initiative, led by First Nations women, that addresses the alarming rate of violence against Aboriginal women and girls in Canada.

Maxine, who is a member of the Sioux Nation, will donate all royalties earned from sales of her work “Not Forgotten” to this initiative. She specifically created this painting, “Not Forgotten”, to remember and honour the spirits and presence of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.

Her objective in doing this is to raise awareness of and money for the cause, which fights to end violence against Aboriginal women and girls throughout Canada.

CAP & Winn Devon Art Group Inc has decided to row in behind one of Canada’s most loved First Nation artists. We will match her royalties earned from sales of this image and donate the sum to the initiative.

Sisters In Spirit is run by the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC). Established in 2005, the initiative’s primary goal is to raise awareness of violence against Aboriginal women and girls in Canada, and research the factors that contribute to these incidents. It is one of 3 NWAC initiatives focusing on violence prevention and safety – the others being ‘Project PEACE’ and ‘You Are Not Alone’.

“Not Forgotten” will be available to buy as Art Cards (6 x 9 in), as well as a Limited Edition (13 x 16.5 in), numbering just 975. In each case, the story that inspired Maxine in creating the work is printed on the back.

Maxine will be attending the CGTA show in Toronto in 2016. She will be at our booth on Monday, Feb 1 (10am-2pm), and Tuesday, February 2 (11am-3pm), when you will have the opportunity to meet with and speak to Maxine, and have your cards signed by her.

The Story Behind “Not Forgotten”

“Our mothers and daughters, our sisters and aunties and grandmothers. Our women are our heart and our spirit, always honoured, never forgotten.

“I am Dakota Sioux, a woman and mother, and an artist. These are inseparable facets of who I am and how I live in the world. That world, the world we all live and move in, is a place of great and terrible beauty, of wonder, and of tragedy. In this painting, I speak to that wonder and beauty and tragedy.

“To capture both the wonders and the tragedy, I wanted to include motifs which connect with all the places our peoples live. Turning first to the West Coast peoples, I am honoured to have been allowed to include the moon image of my friend, artist and visionary Roy Henry Vickers, an image I first encountered in his illustrations for Dave Bouchard’s The Elders Are Watching.

“From the North, I incorporated the image of Sedna, the source of all the creatures of the sea. I have always been drawn to the shell and bead work of the Maliseet and other East Coast peoples and, in this painting, have echoed the fluidity and grace of their compelling designs.

“The two feathers acknowledge the Métis and the peoples of the grasslands and woodlands, of the plains and the forests.

“Finally, the floating figures throughout the painting are the spirits and the presence of the missing and murdered women.

“Missing but never lost. Always present, always remembered.” ~ Maxine Noel/Ioyan Mani

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