Alicia Bernelle

With her wonderful use of texture and colour, Alicia presents work, which is tailor-made for current interior design trends. She works mainly in oils that are mixed with a medium to create a thicker, quicker-drying substance. Her designs are mostly semi-abstract. “I felt the harshness of a linear, geometric design was too modern for me. I much prefer to combine curves and interesting shapes in my work”.

Alicia works in a studio in Gloucestershire and really feels she benefits from the productive atmosphere at the studio. At 28, she has been working as a professional artist since the beginning of this year, and although fairly new to the art scene, Alicia has definite flair.

“I really enjoy working to commission. Designing something to fit in a particular space, within someone’s home is a very special project. I’m really satisfied when I can tie all the strands of their interior theme into a finished picture.”


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