Pere Camps

Pere Camps was born in Sabadell, Barcelona in 1929. From a very early age, he decided to use his artistic skills to explore his great passion, landscapes.

He attended the School of Applied Arts and Crafts in Barcelona, where he concentrated in sculpture. In 1949, he held his first exhibition at The Fine Arts Academy in Sabadell. Exhibits in Barcelona and Madrid soon followed. After a prolonged stay in Morocco, Camps took part in the country’s National Exhibition of Fine Arts. His stint in Morocco was followed by a move to Paris, where he wed, and Costa Brava, where he finally settled. Soon his work was being widely exhibited throughout Spain. By the late seventies, Camps had exhibited at prestigious galleries throughout Europe, and the U.N. Headquarters in Geneva.

Pere Camps is drawn to quiet, calm, and cool landscapes. He usually paints at dawn or dusk, which he believes offers the most beautiful light. His work embraces the sense of infinity afforded by large spaces, and he often loses track of where the landscape ends and he begins.


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