Manuel Castro

Manuel Castro was born in Córdoba in 1944. He moved to Barcelona in 1952 and started his art studies in that city, first at La Llotja art school and later on at Conservatorio de las Artes del Libro, where he studied engraving and lithography.

In 1967 he began exhibiting collectively and since 1969 he has exhibited his work individually at Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, etc., and also abroad in England, France, Germany, Japan and Poland. He has participated also in numerous national and international fairs and his works can be admired at collections in different countries, including the United States.

Almost all of Manuel Castro’s characters wear hats, their backs to the viewer and watching something with interest (a boat, a bookstore, an air show, a cup of coffee). By doing this, Castro forces the onlooker to watch whatever his characters are looking at and to share their same experience.


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