Janel Pahl

Some of Janel’s earliest memories are of gardening with her mother. “My mother’s garden was a wonderful place filled with beautiful colors and fragrances”. It is no wonder that Janel has a love for gardening. In her late teens, Janel was given a camera and, in a foreshadowing of the future, the first images were of the flowers in her mother’s garden. Over time, her flower portraits led to people and portraiture. Through the years, her skills as a photographer matured and she began to create images which portrayed life, beauty and emotion. “I came to understand that the important part of my photography is not necessarily what you see, but what you feel when you view the image”.

Her work in portraiture taught her the lessons of lighting and composition. The next step was natural, because of her love for gardening and flowers. “My goal, with my floral art, is to show beauty, evoke emotion and cause the viewer to pause and take a second look”.

Janel Pahl is a Master Photographer and a national judge for the Professional Photographers of America. In addition, she is a teacher of photography and has inspired aspiring and professional photographers around the world. She has presented her workshops in Canada, Italy, Korea, England and throughout the United States. Her images have won numerous national and international awards.


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