Ursula Roos Salemink

Ursula has worked as a full time artist since leaving her work in the business sector. She is not only enthused about being called an “artist”, she is also committed to the local art scene and communities around Vancouver, where she currently resides.

Her work has evolved fast and is being influenced by life experiences and by many other art forms she has explored in the past. As a weaver, she developed a relationship with texture, which dominates her work. Ursula enjoys building texture on canvas. Starting with that creative process, she allows the painting to evolve. She uses acrylics with other media to shape her innovative style.

Whether painting abstract or working on her ‘organic’ series, Ursula is always trying to incorporate new ideas into her work process. The interdependence of the elements and all forms of life on this planet are used as metaphors through her entire body of work. All media, forms, shapes and color become interdependent once on canvas – connected in the way she uses them. Ursula is keeping this interdependence of the elements in mind while painting and hopes to give life and meaning to her work.

Aside from painting, Ursula is also the Show Coordinator with the Burnaby Artist Guild, the Education Program Coordinator for the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver, and a teacher at the Vancouver School Board and various local Art Groups.


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