H. Alves


H. Alves was born in the town of Recife in the State of Pernambouco in Brazil, and in 2001, Alves left her native country to move to Canada.

While in Brazil, Alves worked as a decorator and as a designer for an architecture agency. Drawing and decorating have always been essential in her approach to painting. According to Alves, “painting is a pleasure and a matter of necessity in expressing herself”.

Alves’ first encounter with visual arts happened when she was in secondary school, but it is only later that she took classes to learn to master various techniques such as oil pastels, watercolor on paper, and oils and acrylic on canvas. It is actually with acrylic that Alves creates original and creative paintings using different textures on the canvas.

Alves’ work is motivated by the following painters: Portinare, José de Moura, Frida Callo, Diego Rivera, Danielle Lantaigne, and Amadeu Modigliani.


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