Gilles Archambault


Gilles Archambault (1947-2011) was born in Montréal in 1947. He made his first foray into the field of visual arts as an advertising photographer. This self-taught artist began painting in 1978 and devoted himself professionally to this activity the following year. While he first became known as a watercolour painter, he had worked in acrylics since the turn of the millennium. Gilles was one of the founding members of “The Canadian Watercolor Society” (C.W.S.). Being a skilled illustrator, he created the original Harfang des Neiges wine label and produced over 80 book covers, most of which were for Les Editions Libre Expression, in Montreal.

A myriad of art books and magazines have both published and discussed his work. The works of Gilles Archambault have been exhibited exclusively in Canada, United States, Europe and Saudi Arabia.


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