Linzy Arnott


Linzy Arnott wanted to fly as a child. She built a pair of wings to make her dream possible and tried jumping off a barn.

As an Earthbound adult, her brush allows her dream of freedom to take form and each piece takes flight.

Linz’s work is deeply influenced by her life experiences and the details found in her surroundings. Her pallet of inspiration comes from the places she explores – rainy seascapes to the texture of rust infected architecture – places where she finds unspeakable beauty.

Linzy creates with emotion, drawing on memories and experiences to convey mood and feeling in her pieces. She has created techniques to achieve her texture and colour often blending oil-based liquid leaf with acrylic paint which has a chemical reaction and unpredictable outcome. At times, she will apply forty or more layers to one painting.

Linzy was born in 1987 on Vancouver Island and moved to Vancouver after winning a full scholarship to the Art Institute of Vancouver to study Graphic Design. She went on to study colour theory and painting at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.


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