Brent Baker


Brent Baker was born in Athens, Ohio located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Always drawing and painting from childhood, he excelled in art by winning awards throughout his formative years and college at Ohio University. After graduation with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts & Business Administration, Baker took a sales position with the Enro Shirt Company in Louisville, Kentucky and five years later was hired by the Manhattan Shirt Company located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Within two years of arriving in Atlanta, Baker decided to return to his passion of painting and had his first solo exhibit at the Midtown Gallery. Throughout his early days in Atlanta he exhibited mainly in the local market as he developed his style. During these years he also experimented in depth with printing techniques and created a series of hand printed figurative works entitled “Language of Form”. These works gained the attention of frontrunner gallery owner Fay Gold and helped benchmark his reputation of becoming a serious artist. He also tried his hand at self-employment starting and developing a unique specialty wall painting business geared to the design trade. What was started as a temporary job has lasted and today his talents have been recognized in both regional and national publications, as well seen on the national HGTV network.

Since 2007 he has continued to promote his works mainly to the design trade and built a close working relationship with an increasing group of art consultants and designers. Baker’s years of studio art and business, along with a diversified catalog library of work gives him enormous leverage for obtaining projects in today’s vast competitive markets.

Baker views a large portion of his paintings as being autobiographical. Growing up in Ohio one often had to create imaginary ideas to replace the ordinary daily existence called life. His early memories of southeastern Ohio are filled with colors, sounds, and visions often expressed in his works today. The strongest memory that has had the lasting impression is that of self and the concrete heritage of family roots. His use of organic shapes probably started forming in his mind during the summer visits to the eastern coast while growing up. He sees painting in the abstract as a way to chart thoughts intuitively and this form has always held a passionate place in his soul. By blending intuitive and experimental lyrical marked references, his paintings take on a distinct personality of their own. An interesting observation of his work is that no matter if it is an abstract, landscape, or floral the handling of line with color seems to have a transcending spirit that holds your interest and takes you by surprise.

Baker now partially resides in his birthplace of Athens, Ohio where he continues to produce exploring new avenues and experiments with cutting edge techniques with various mediums.


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