Daniel J. J. Bellyk


Most photographers are happy to simply control what appears in their camera lens viewfinder. That’s not enough for Dan Bellyk. Through his photographic interpretations and stories, Dan dedicates himself to surprising and delighting his audiences. Dan possesses a deep passion for photography. Whether creating a fine art perspective, or on assignment for a commercial, industrial, or aerial perspective client, he dedicates himself to capturing even the inattentive of his audiences with his compositions. In each image, he searches to draw out an unexpected angle and form a striking new composition that will entice viewers to explore his scenes further.

No matter what the subject, Dan strives to present his audiences with high-caliber images. In the process, his fine art and business clients have come to recognize and appreciate his signature style. They have come to look for the attractively uncommon visual perspectives of landscapes, people and their endeavours. His images capture our lives and worlds by glowing daylight and in luminous night time. They present surprisingly vivid colours and are supported by rich contrasts and complementary tones, often incorporating razor-sharp details that pull you further into and across the entire image.

People who know Dan’s work might be surprised to learn that he remains a student of photographic arts and sciences. He pushes himself to always apply an ideal combination of technical precision and modern photo imaging technology – an approach that an increasing number of people consider to be just right. A proven professional talent in his own right, Dan continues to explore new techniques, ever a student of master photographers around the globe. His ongoing pursuit of craft excellence has been a contributing factor to the enthusiastic reviews of his works and a growing client base. And his appreciative audiences continue to expand, including the Canadian Museum of Nature, Pearson Canada school books and the renowned Canadian art print collections of CAP and Winn Devon Art Group Inc. His commercial clients encompass an array of economic sectors, including tourism, gaming and entertainment, green energy production, manufacturing, retail services, healthcare, hospitality and resources.

While his photo assignments and subjects cover an ever-expanding geographic range, Dan, his wife and their two children are happy to live in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Visit www.danbellyk.ca for a further glimpse of his latest photo gallery collection and further information about where his fine artworks can be purchased.


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