Jason Cardenas


Jason Cardenas’ appreciation for earth tones and multi-media art, has led him on an introspective exploration through non-objective abstraction. He is greatly inspired by the distressing process that results from over-exposure to the elements, such as rusted iron, oxidized copper, and fossilized wood and stone. He also finds inspiration in the geometric forms and structures found in contemporary architecture. Recently, bolder colors have found their way into his works as he continues to grow and refine his style.

Several years ago, Jason began experimenting with landscapes. He wanted to capture the texture and serenity found in nature, a perfect harmony of balance and color, with the use of several different types of brushes and pallet knives. His experimentation continued and he progressed on to still life’s. He wanted to study the essence of light and shadow and the delicate way these elements complement each other through an attraction of opposites.

Jason, a self-taught artist, continues to refine his style of abstract painting. Each canvas begins with the layering of varying colors to create undefined forms and textures. As layers progress, the forms become more defined. There are several layers of definition found in his different pieces. “It is a long process, but I see each painting as a journey and a learning experience that holds a specific place in time.”


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