Stacy D'Aguiar


I’ve been given great gifts of which I’m grateful beyond words. Born in 1974, I became an artist at an early age. Being here in San Diego for 15 years, I’m now a native, but I am originally from Washington DC. I believe my purpose in this life is to be a channel for light and beauty through art, bringing high vibration energy to the planet. My work, which is created on canvas, metal or wood, reflects the magnificence of the universe and all of its creations, and brings awareness to the sublime right under our noses.

Every painting is a unique journey for me. I listen to the blank canvas for what it wants to become, and even though I have a vision of what I want to paint, I’m always astounded by the outcome. The beauty that comes forth is beyond my expectations, and for this, I’m humbled. Each work is a different experience, but carries the same theme of “One.” We are all connected. By creating paintings that combine human, animal and natural forms, I hope to inspire others to see the very nature of themselves and the world around and within, influencing the viewer to enter a sacred space for awakening. My work has many tactile, emotional and symbolic layers, including Reiki energy, which I infuse into every painting. By combining ornate texturing, containing hidden symbols, with tantalizing subject matter, my work carries the viewer off to another reality, then back to stillness.

I’m honored to have my work in spaces where it brings joy, inspiration and healing to others. Enjoy.


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