Joan Farré


Joan Farré was born to a family of artists and he discovered painting and drawing through his father. Initially, his interest for shapes and mastery of materials took him to create works in the style of American hyperrealists. Later on, his new interests combined painting and music, literature and history. Due to his multidisciplinary character and constant learning process, he works painting and sculpture, using planes and volumes as support.

In 1984 he started studying at the Arts and Design center, Massana School, Barcelona and he was involved intensively in the city’s enriching and sparkling life and in the tendencies and attitudes towards contemporary art the city gave. In 1996 he took training trips to Paris and New York and since that time, cities have become the key for learning and searching for information. The cities that have influenced his works include Barcelona, Paris, London and New York.

Joan Farré exhibits works both individually and collectively and his recent works are found permanently at art galleries in Barcelona and Madrid. He also collaborates with architects and interior designers, participates regularly in art fairs, creates illustrations for posters and publications and has made multiple engravings and silk screens. He has been awarded many times at biennials and art contests and his work is found in different public and private collections.

His plastic works include constant references to the history of art. Each new work is stated as a review of theoretical and formal attitudes at different times while it intends becoming a contribution to contemporary art. His work is made up of images and objects that are born at the artist’s studio, from his individual search and from the exchange and dialogue among intellectuals from different disciplines, encouraging theoretical thoughts on present day creation and the use of new languages.


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