Stefan Fiedorowicz


Vibrant colours, powerful expression, and dynamic composition along with great imagination characterize the work of Stefan Fiedorowicz.

Stefan began painting seriously eight years ago and has been painting full time since leaving the public service in 2002, where he practiced social work for twenty two years. He is also a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Born and raised in Ontario, Montreal and Victoria, BC, he comes from a family of European descent. Stefan says, “I am committed to abstraction. Marc Rothko, Paul Klee and Hans Hoffman influenced my artistic endeavours. If I wanted to depict representational reality, I would have chosen photography, but I am a colourist, who uses color to convey something personal and internal. Colour is the language that I use to express an emotion. It is the interaction of colour that interests me. My style involves contrasting aspects of the simplicity of daily life to the complexity of the human condition. Hopefully my work elicits emotional responses and vividly expresses my passion for art and life.”


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