Kathryn Fortson


If adding a touch of color to your decor is in order, Kathryn Fortson’s artwork is sure to intrigue you. Her contemporary abstracts and whimsical visions brighten many spaces. However, her powerful and sometimes profound use of color doesn't stand-alone. Ms. Fortson incorporates unique patterns and playful combinations.

“There is a complexity to the creative process that can vary. In my work, the exploration expands into an unraveling process of intently exploring color combinations for each piece. Colors change in combination. Of course composition and form add to this I delight in pondering and choosing which will succeed for each expression. Much of my work is whimsical or expressionist because the voice to “lighten up” is crucial in our world. Yes, dealing with serious issues seriously, but never losing sight of the simple pleasures. As trite as it may sound, laughter and smiles truly can heal. I suppose this phase of my artwork is about encouraging the observer to pause and perhaps ponder the playful side of life.”

Ms. Fortson is a native Georgian, born in Americus. She studied Drawing and Painting at the prestigious Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. In the developmental stages of her Painting and Publishing career, Ms. Fortson taught Abstract Painting and Color Theory. Her artwork sells internationally to private and corporate collectors.



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