Stephanie Gardner


Growing up amidst generations of artists, Stephanie Gardner began painting as a very young child. Born in Wisconsin and raised in Los Angeles, Gardner later moved to San Francisco to attend the San Francisco Art Institute, where she received a degree in Fine Art.

Gardner’s mixed media works are explorations in mystery, texture and saturation. The thread that runs through all of her work is the search for meaning, and an appreciation for wisdom, grace and the patina of time. Her individual pieces vary in subject matter, but are connected and unified by her deep, creative search. Her signature use of rich textures and layered depths creates complex and wonderful surfaces that are completely original. Juxtaposing different textures to create intriguing combinations of formulas and materials, Gardner develops subtle visual flavors. She frequently works with rich umber and sepia tones to impart a feeling of warmth and timelessness.

Gardner’s early passion for chemistry inspires her to create her own unique formulas and art. This ability to manipulate materials sets her work apart and imparts an exclusive identity to her imagery. Gardner is fascinated by the use of materials, but only as a means to an end, which is to fully communicate her message to the viewer without the necessity of a lengthy explanation. Her primary goal as an artist is to create contemporary artwork that transcends traditional notions of beauty.


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