Zivana Gojanovic


Zivana Gojanovic was raised in Croatia. Her first art influences were the sculptures and paintings in her beautiful hometown. Art came naturally to her, and was her only way to grow. Art forms her identity. Her art is everyday living, searching for truth, making use of her hands, her heart and her thoughts.

Zivana works every day from 8-5. She has a lunch break in her studio, this way she stays connected the whole time with her paintings. She attended the School of Fine Arts, Split-Croatia and University of Art and Design, Zagreb-Croatia. Zivana's work communicates the existence of human beings, emotions, feelings, and hope. It gives a sense of belonging and the warmth of home.

Her collections reside at Ericsson in Santa Barbara, PHR Environmental Research in Washington, DC also with Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Ed Kowokczyk.

She has participated in the following exhibitions. Patricia Carlisle Fine Art, Santa Fe; Art Fund Gallery, Santa Barbara; and Denise Robergè Gallery, Palm Desert. She won the Individual Artist Award 2000 in Santa Barbara.


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