Travis Hall


Born in Oklahoma in 1973, Travis Hall was raised in an artistic household. His creative energy was encouraged, and Travis took up drawing and music. A natural athlete, he excelled at sports, and by the age of 12, was a highly ranked pool player. Travis also spent a large part of his childhood in the wilderness. He hiked Turner Falls in the
Arbuckle Mountains, spent long lazy summers at the lakes, and nurtured his love of the landscape.

In 1992, Travis explored both music and art as careers. Though he excelled at music, it was his fascination with the great classical painters that finally won out.

Five years later, Travis began an apprenticeship under renowned artist, Poteet Victory. He had long been fascinated by Tonalism – a style of painting where complimentary colors are layered to create subtle color modulations. Though time consuming, Travis' technique created a luminous inner glow to his paintings reminiscent of the old masters. Under Victory’s wing, he perfected his method and a series of quiet landscapes made their way into over twenty national galleries.

Travis’ interest in all things past inspired a series of work that incorporated architectural elements. Gold leaf and other classical design motifs bestowed a sense of history to the artwork. In 2001, he painted his first seascapes after spending time on the coast of
California. The following year, Travis was hailed as one of the 21 top artists under 31 in the country by Southwest Art magazine.

Inspired by the works of artists such as George Innes and Martin Johnson Heade, Travis continues to do what he loves the most – bring the landscape to light. He highlights each individual painting by personally designing the frames. Using carefully selected materials, each frame is custom milled and hand gilded with 23-karat gold leaf to the artist’s specifications.



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