Lee Harlem


Lee Harlem resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he was born and raised. For as long as he can remember, he has always loved to sketch his surroundings.

Coming from a large family, Lee found it difficult to devote time to his artistic side. As an adult, he began working a multitude of jobs within the New Orleans jazz scene. What started out as a means to make ends meet soon became a passion. He enjoyed working in an industry that allowed him the opportunity to be a part of such an exciting atmosphere everyday of his working career. Although he loved being a part of this scene, the artist within him was constantly envisioning ways to recreate the dramatic nightlife around him.

Now retired, Lee finally has the time to do what he has always wanted to do. Working with all kinds of mediums, Lee experiments and creates images that depict what has intrigued him throughout the years. Lee continues to find inspiration in the city that surrounds him and finds it hard to believe that there will ever come a time when he does not.


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