Sarah Horsfall


Sarah Horsfall was born just outside of London, England in 1971. After University she moved to Canada for 12 years where she was greatly inspired by North American contemporary art.

Sarah has always been drawn to bold, bright colors and sharp, definitive, clean lines and geometric shapes. She uses oil on canvas and has a recognized style regardless of the subject matter she chooses. “Painting provides me with a sense of calmness which I feel the world is devoid of. I am most peaceful and fulfilled when my work is going well.”

The female form and floral imagery appeal to Sarah as subject matter, as it provides her with ample opportunity to “paint pretty”. She intentionally paints visually arresting images that capture the onlookers’ eye and it is her goal to create iconic images worthy of meditative and lasting attention.

Sarah’s studio is often a mess; a mass of sketches that she continuously refers back to and alters; paint stained tissues; scattered color swatches torn from magazines and the obligatory empty coffee cups as she usually paints for over 12 hours at a time. Often standing amongst all the chaos in complete contrast will be her ongoing creation – a vibrant piece with simple, clean lines, deconstructed forms, and dynamic color completely devoid of any clutter.



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