Ethan Jantzer


Ethan Jantzer creates photograms that take photography back to its roots. Moments of boredom while working at a photo lab led Ethan to experiment with raw film and lights and to hone a process he likens to creating a sunburn on film. Just about any object sparks his interest — fish, twine, grass — and he uses liquids such as Gatorade and Windex to achieve the colors he wants. Whether he’s creating a short movie or experimenting with subjects and techniques, Ethan loves the what-if hunt that keeps this art form fresh.

Ethan grew up in a rather creative house. His mom was an artist and always encouraged him to create. “I never anticipated that hobby would lead to a passion and eventually a career. It was just fun, just what we did.” Ethan has an Art and Industrial Design degree but didn’t get it until later in life. He had his first gallery show years before he took a college art course. The academic art world and exhibiting are so different. When Ethan went back to school, it was challenging at times to juggle the two. “It would be boring if I wasn’t still learning. I’m trying to pick up something new every time I go into the studio or meet with another artist.”

My definition of a successful image changes. Sometimes it’s about color and figuring out what combination of light will give me what I’m looking for. Other times I’m after something specific with the silhouette.


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