Jutta Kaiser


Originally from Germany, Jutta Kaiser arrived on Canada’s shore in 1966 and quickly fell in love with her surroundings and what her new country had to offer.

Jutta’s career in the arts began in the late sixties when an enthusiastic pottery teacher captured and nurtured her exceptional sense of design and color. This resulted not only in the creation of her own award winning studio but also in her being a founding member of a regional potters guild whose membership has since reached well beyond 200.

Her love for nature and an inescapable desire to capture it, led her from clay to photography and has since ended in fine art, which allows her the freedom to add her own interpretation to her environment. “I love the creative process of painting.”

While her often serene, semi abstract landscapes demonstrate her own style and palette, Jutta does not shy away from experimenting with and developing new techniques to achieve her goals. Her tactile approach resonates in the form of multilayered and textured backgrounds bestowing a recognizable element throughout her work.

Jutta’s style is perhaps best described as “Abstract Expressionism” where technique and execution allow her the freedom of emotional expression. Through overall simplification of space with a poignant focal point in place, an almost surrealistic painting evolves.

“I let my Canvas speak to me. Any preconceived concept may fall prey to an inadvertent change of direction my brush is taking.”


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