Milenko Katic


Milenko Katić was born in Serbia and grew up in Belgrade. As a young man he studied medicine for three years until he discovered his love for art. He left medical school and took classes at the Drawing and Painting School in Belgrade with art professor Sergije Jovanović.

His early work from the seventies and eighties are in a surrealistic style, influenced by René Magritte and Dali. In 1979, he joined The Painting School of Machva with the renowned painter Milić de Machva, after which he began group and solo exhibitions in Serbia.

In 1984, Milenko moved from Belgrade (Serbia) to Dubrovnik (Croatia) because of political turmoil in former Yugoslavia and soon after moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. He learned English and started showing his work in various galleries and art shows in through out the United States.

“My primary interest is to create drawings of figures that express the mood and character of the subject. I use simplified lines and shapes to emphasize movement and feeling. Most of my work is gesture drawings of horses, people and birds. I use a variety of media to draw. Working on board and canvas with Caran d'Ache crayon, pencil, sumi ink, acrylic, mixed media and creating sculptures in clay. My goal is to make fresh and expressive drawings that depict the atmosphere I perceive from my subjects.”



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