Paul Kenton


Paul Kenton was born in Derby, England in 1968 and moved to the South West of England in 1977. From an early age, he showed an interest in painting and drawing. Spending all of his spare time at the easel, he soon became familiar and proficient with the various techniques of watercolors and oils. He has a Bachelor in Engineering from Stafford University and has worked as a design draughtsman for several years while painting in his spare time. In 1995, Paul became a full time artist.

A self-taught artist, Paul relishes experimenting with various media and subject matter. He is deeply inspired by his local sea and landscape of North Devon, England and by his painting trips around the world. His work is versatile, fresh and vibrant and captures the atmosphere and essence of the location he paints.

Paul has had many successful exhibitions throughout the United Kingdom and can be seen at work in his gallery/studio in his hometown of Woolacombe, North Devon.


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