Daniel Kime


From an early age, Kime showed a talent in two areas of creativity: music and the visual arts. Throughout his youth, swinging back and forth between the two interests seemed to be Kime's pattern of activity. Beginning in 1980 and during much of the ten year period that followed, he worked as a professional guitarist. Evenings during this time, however, were spent working on the creation of a personal style of abstract painting.

Kime's paintings seem to be a visual equivalent of the more intangible sounds of music. “As I gain more experienced with the use of line and color,” he says, “I begin to see a strong correlation between combinations of colors and combinations of musical notes. Kadinsky made a lot of sense in relating color to instruments and the frequency range into which they fell. The quality of a drawn line can be related to the pressure with which a guitar string is struck. A soft line is like the gentle plucking of a note – a harder pressure corresponds to a heavier line.”


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