LSH was born in 1961 in London, England and decided to become a photographer at the age of 14 when he acquired his first camera, a German Voigtlander. In high school, LSH spent most of his time in the dark room. “I was living in the dark room. I didn't do anything else besides photography.” After high school, LSH took some Photography and Journalism courses at Cambridge University. He moved to New York to attend the Rochester Institute of Photography, where he earned a BA in Photography in 1983. After he graduated, LSH worked as a Public Relations photographer until 1987.

LSH has been producing both color and black-and-white photography for commercial and artistic projects since 1980. He works in all formats from 35mm to 8×10. His commercial work has been used both nationally and internationally. LSH’s landscape work is informed by his sense of the spiritual in nature. Says the artist; “In the modern world we live our lives inside our heads driven by our ambitions, obsessions, anxieties, and wants. In the natural world we can feel truly a part of the great continuum of life on our generous planet.”


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