Dina Marie


Born in Cairo and educated in Canada and the United States, Dina Marie is a professional artist and photographer living in the Tampa Bay area. She shoots botanicals, nature, street scenes and anything else that strikes her fancy.

Whether the intense softness of a flower petal or a water droplet's delicate grace, Dina Marie fixes her lens on the world of the ordinary and yet sees something wholly extraordinary.

Rather than presenting precise representations of the world, Dina's non-literal, almost abstract fine art photography seeks to invite the participation of viewers. Dina uses texture, shape and color to create pieces that are both traditional and impressionistic at the same time.

Her mission is to transport viewers outside the day to day drudgery of the material world–to allow them to take a step back, if only for a moment–and appreciate the beauty inherent in every part of life, no matter how small.

Dina is also a successful interior designer and her work appears in many of her clients' interiors. When not behind a camera or running her businesses, she can be found with her family or volunteering in a number of nonprofit organizations which she supports.

Dina Marie is proud to be represented by Canadian Art Prints & Winn Devon Art Group. Additional images can be seen on her website, www.DinaMarieViews.com, and individual prints can be purchased through the website as well as from art galleries and interior designers.


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