Wayde Owen


Wayde Owen has always engaged in the physical process of creating in one medium or another. Evolution and unconventionality are central themes of both Wayde’s work and his life. His energy is easily read through his abstract works – his love of the medium drives him to explore varying combinations of paints and lacquers. In applying the medium it is often his greatest joy to simply observe the movement of the surface of the work – he involves himself wholly in this process each time. As an artist, when creating a work, he is totally focused and becomes absorbed by the work and the process of painting itself.

Born and raised in Western Sydney, Wayde moved to Queensland in 1993. “Escaping” is what he calls it, when referring to his departure from the suburbs of Western Sydney; away from a turbulent and disturbing childhood. In his own words, his arrival on the Gold Coast signaled the beginning of his “real” life. One that would ultimately lead him to exploring a true passion.
Wayde continues to create stunning works, which are capable of reaching the viewer on many different levels. One can almost feel the artist's processes when viewing one of his works in careful detail. There is strong structure, solid strong colors and many layers – then there is a messy, uncontrolled overlay – careless, random and completely uncontrived. An intriguing mix of energy, emotion and cognition.


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