Adam Perez


Adam Perez was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1976.

Self-taught artist, Adam started his artistic journey when he was 18 years old.

Through his professional career, he has collaborated with different artists, absorbing from them their knowledge of the various artistic techniques, such as acrylics, mixed techniques and collage. On his part, he has contributed by experimenting with all kinds of materials.

During these years, Adam has exhibited his works in different art galleries in the region of Cataluna, in cities such as Mataro, Barcelona, Vic, Manresa, Tarragona and Gerona.

Around the age of 30, Adam initiated his digital phase, characterized by the use of software applications such as Photoshop, which he applies for digital touches, digital collage, and even digital painting.

He currently collaborates with different plastic artists carrying out works of varied nature and content, showing interest in the most original, varied and current subjects. Many of his recent subjects include urban and musical themes.


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