Patrick Pryor


Through the guidance of his father as well as private and academic education Patrick Pryor’s artistic ability was cultivated throughout his childhood. At the age of three he began drawing sharks at the kitchen table of his suburban Detroit home alongside his father. Patrick’s father was a talented illustrator and cartoonist as was his grandfather, yet neither pursued art beyond sketching on scrap pieces of paper.

During the summer of 2002, after fifteen years of sketching and drawing abstract patterns, Patrick began to translate his sketches into large paintings. It was only a few short years before Patrick sold his very first work.

“My work expresses vivacity, strength, and passion. The lines and forms dance on the canvas evoking the diametric forces of femininity and masculinity. I intend my work and imagery to uplift and inspire people’s lives, living spaces, work-places, and public spaces across the globe.”

Original paintings of Patrick’s are currently sold nation-wide to seasoned collectors, first-time art buyers, and commercial real estate developers.


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