Soledat Sans


Soledat Sans, painter and teacher, was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1943. Her mother, who was of Italian descent, passed her creative genes on to Soledat; and from her father, with his love of books, she developed her cultural passion.

Soledat’s initial formation as received as a painter at The Massana School (Escuela Massana) in Barcelona during the years 1959-1967, where she specialized in painting. She studied other techniques, as well, including ceramics and paper mache. She was very interested in the history of art, and took specialized art history courses.

In 1967, Soledat married architect A. Amargos and in 1976 Soledat taught sculpture classes to children at the primary levels. She also won two awards in Institutional Education. Soledat established her studio where she produced serigraphs and engravings, and specialized in oil painting. She also exhibited several of her pieces in art galleries at Catalunya, Spain, and in France.

In 1989 Soledat’s early work was showcased in her first book, “Soledat Sans”. In 1980 Soledat founded the studio/workshop “Plastica Carrau Blau”, a creative workplace for children. In this studio, Soledat taught art and held public art exhibitions.

In 1990, Soledat’s second book, “Dialegs Amb La Sorra”, was published. In 1996, her last and most recent book, “Crear: Crean Arte Los Ninos?” a book of children’s art, is exhibited in Galeria Llucia Homs de Barcelona. In 1992, Soledat published a second version of her book with the Association of Teachers (Asociacion de Maestros Rosa Sensat), “Hacer Plastica, Un Proceso de Dialogo y Situaciones”.

At the same time, Soledat continued to work as a painter and a teacher. For that reason, she needed to open two new studios. She chose a location, which would keep her close to the sea and mountains. She focused on the themes of space, time and location, which facilitated her ability to express her ideas in her paintings.

In 2000, Soledat presented her work in several places. Her work was published in the book “La Mirada Confident”, which explores her life; and in another book in which she explores passages, interiors, windows to the sea, and plants, and discusses her literary opinions and feelings.

In 2001, Soledat had a retrospective exhibition of her 20 years of work in the studio “Workshop Carrau Blau”.


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