Connie Tunick


Connie Tunick uses art as a visual language to express the excitement that she finds in the world. Connie says, “My goal is to have a conversation with the viewer and to communicate what is behind the art.” Having to explain my work means that the art on its own is not successful. When deciding what to paint, the subject must evoke a certain passion. When an artist really “speaks to you”, it is the mental part of the creative process coming through.

Symbols that represent the common threads and relationships of life are prevalent in Connie Tunick’s art. She is drawn to the repetitive patterns and shapes found in nature. By using familiar imagery such as flowers or a clock or a key, she can connect with the viewer and “speak” a common visual language. Adding and subtracting paint, pasting down collage, painting over everything with brushes and brayers, adding heavy texture, stamping.…these are some of the techniques that Connie uses to create order from chaos and make her artwork. To her the process is as important as the finished product.

Years of experience with diverse media give this artist the freedom to combine various techniques with creative boldness. Over the past twenty years Connie has gone from working primarily in watercolor on paper to working on paintings using any and all media. Found objects are often incorporated in her art. Some of her favorites include holograms from cut up credit cards and fortune cookie predictions.

Printmaking enlightened Tunick to an entirely different artistic sensibility, including learning to see “backwards”. Learning new media and methods is enriching and a way of expanding her artistic vocabulary. Connie’s mixed media monotypes combine the ancient art of printmaking with cutting edge technology. Using the computer to scan, work and experiment with digital pictures and photographs, lets her see familiar things in different ways.

Connie Tunick grew up in Rock Island, Illinois. A Northwestern University graduate, she is a children's art specialist. She received an MA from California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California, where she lives with her family. The experimental quality and artistic sense of play that can be found in children's art is integral to her current work as a full time artist.

“When painting in my industrial studio I am doing what I love. But my greatest creativity is not confined just to making art; art encompasses the best parts of my life….my family, dogs, home, and garden.”


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