Dante Vida


There is beautiful imagery everywhere and most of us recognize the need for beauty and strive to capture it. On the other hand, there is dissonance, discrepancy and images that antagonize our senses that are typically born out of brokenness, fear, selfishness and rage. Dante Vida imagines a world where the uglier side of humanity is faced with beauty and must make a choice to remain the same or adapt. Vida believes that even the most desperate people will choose beauty in the end and his work is a reflection of the colors, shapes, lines and forms that develop when we give way to beauty and are transformed by it. Vida’s paintings are a glimpse of what could be, of what is possible and of a world in balance. He feels that for each of us there is a place where we can feel peace, typically a place of beauty. Vida hopes that his work will reflect not only his own place of beauty but be a catalyst for others to return to, or search for their own.

Dante Vida is a self taught abstract artist living and working in Vancouver, BC. His work is shown in galleries across North America and held in private collections around the world. Dante Vida is kind of a strange name. Dante Vida may or may not be a pseudonym ;)


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