Feature Artist: Marta (Gottfried) Wiley

For our inaugural blog post, what better topic than to profile one of our most popular artists, Marta (Gottfried) Wiley.

Marta Wiley’s art is as colorful, captivating and varied as the artist herself. Born in Mexico City, Wiley is of European, Irish and Cherokee descent. As a child, there was a wild streak in Marta that her grandmother, also an artist, helped channel into the fine arts.  Wiley credits her grandmother with teaching her everything she knows about painting. Additional influences are the work and technique of Sargent, Edvard Munch and Kathe Kollowitz. Wiley was formally trained at Otis Parsons School of Design.

Marta Wiley is perhaps most well-known for her painting Lepa Zena which continues to be a top seller a decade after it was first published.

To browse all of Marta Wiley’s art, and the different options available, you can also ↪ click here now.